Farm biosecurity will help to protect your herd and investments from pests and diseases. Use this website as a guide for building or improving everyday biosecurity practices. Follow the steps of Prevent + Detect + Respond = Animal Health Protection. Learn More

The Hub for Biosecurity to Protect the Herd or Flock

Farm biosecurity is the practice of preventing or greatly reducing the introduction of diseases and pests, and is a whole farm approach for assessing, prioritizing and addressing the risks to herd/flock health.

Use this website as a guide and source of current information on how to make biosecurity a routine on the farm, in the backyard, and anywhere farm animals are raised.

What are the risks? Risk can be categorized by source of possible infection (other livestock, visitors, wildlife); area of the farm (maternity pens, facilities for newborns and youngstock, feed storage areas); susceptibility of animals (baby calves, youngstock and animals that just gave birth, all having weaker immune systems).

Learn about farm animal disease risks and how to prevent them here.

News and Highlights

Coronovirus image

Coronovirus Prevention

From the Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY eAlert, an article by Rich Stup with information for farms about prevention and control of coronovirus.

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Beef cows

Biosecurity Learning Series

Students and Instructors: discover farm biosecurity with the Healthy Farms Healthy Agriculture learning modules and SCRUB Kits.

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Two pigs on a farm

African Swine Fever

African swine fever is decimating pig operations in China and other foreign countries. Biosecurity can contain its spread to the U.S.

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Biosecurity Training

Check out the online biosecurity training resources for farmers and ranchers, veterinarians, youth & 4-H and service providers. Interactive learning to prevent, detect and respond to livestock diseases.