Three black and white Holstein dairy cows are standing in a barn.

Avian (Bovine) Influenza A in Dairy Cows

Dr. Julie SmithAnimal Health, Livestock diseases

April 29, 2024 Testing The USDA is offering free diagnostic testing for bovine influenza A (BIA H5N1). Dairy producers will need to pay for the sampling and shipping, but not the tests run by qualified laboratories. Beginning Monday April 29, …

Black faced sheep herd

Sheep and Wool Supply Plan

Joanna CummingsAnimal Health, Livestock diseases, Planning Leave a Comment

The United States is fortunate that foot and mouth disease (FMD)—a highly contagious, devastating viral disease of cloven-hoofed animals—has not occurred in the country since 1929. Secure Food Supply Plans, including the Secure Sheep and Wool Supply Plan, were developed …