Premises Map and ID

Create a Map of Your Farm Premises

The instructions below are from the Secure Beef Supply Premises Map for Cattle on Pasture. However, the basics for creating your own premises map are here, along with details on marking zones, lines of separation, etc.

The Aerial View from Google Maps

Use Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps or another map generator to get an aerial view of your premises.

  1. Open an internet browser. Type in the URL:
  2. Type in the address of your production site (address where the buildings are located, not home address—if different).
  3. Click on the small box in the lower left that says “Satellite”
  4. Zoom in so that you can see all barns and accessory structures in the satellite view. The entire site should still fit within the screen.
  5. Find your site location on the map where the animals are located and click. A gray “pushpin” icon will appear. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the GPS coordinates in light gray below the location’s address. Copy this information to include in your map.
  6. Go to your biosecurity plan but keep the internet browser in Google Maps open behind Word. Click on “Insert” in the toolbar; click “screenshot;” click “screen clipping.” The browser will move to the front and be frosted. You can now use the mouse to select the area you want to copy into the word document.
  7. In the Word document, label the map with the following items and include a legend similar to the one on the right.
Option: Label the Map by Hand

Use color pencils or pens to draw the lines, arrows, and shapes listed above on your map. View the image on right with a hand written legend.

Label the Map Using a Computer
  1. Use the Insert -> Shapes from the control panel to place the various shapes and lines
  2. Use the “Line” tool to make the line of separation (LOS) surrounding the farm. This allows for editing individual areas if the LOS was to change in the future. The “Freeform” tool is helpful to use in smaller, more complicated areas, but will make it difficult to edit later and should only be used in stationary areas of your LOS.
  3. After you insert your first line, click the “Format” tab at the top of the page. Click the expander button in the “Shape Styles” section to expand your formatting pane to the right side of the page.
    • Use the “Format Shape” panel on the right to adjust the color and line width of your lines, arrows, and shapes.
  4. Copy the formatted line by selecting it and hitting “Ctrl
    + C” on your keyboard. Paste a new line (“Ctrl + V”), already formatted, next to the first one you created. Drag the ends of the lines to connect them at the appropriate locations.
  5. If you have a hard time seeing where to connect the separate lines, zoom in on your map using the zoom option at the bottom right of the word document.
Completed Map with Legend
Farm map with legend and biosecurity zones.

Map Legend
Legend for a farm map
Map with Hand Written Legend
Farm map image with hand written labels.
Labeling Map with Microsoft Word Tools
Screenshot of Microsoft Word toolbarScreenshot of Microsoft Word toolbar

Google Earth for Farmers Videos

These instructional videos are from the Cornell Small Farms Program, and offer basic information and navigation for farm mapping.

Premises ID

A premises identification number (PIN) or location identifier (LID) is a unique code that is permanently assigned to a single physical location. PIN or LID registration is administered by each state and allows animal health officials to quickly and precisely identify where animals are located, in the event of an animal health or food safety emergency. A PIN or LID is required to purchase official animal identification tags.

Producers should be prepared to provide the following information to register for their PIN:

  • Name of entity or company
  • Contact information for the owner or other appropriate individual.
  • Type of operation
  • Street address, city, state, and ZIP code
  • Telephone number
  • Some states have an optional category for latitude and longitude numbers
  • Most states request the species of livestock on the site.

It is important to note that the number of livestock is not required. The information gathered at the federal level for premises registration is only intended to identify that livestock are present and not the numbers of animals of each species. If you do not have a PIN, find your state in the list below and either call or visit the state website for information on how to acquire a PIN.

U.S. State Contacts for a Premises ID

State Number Person to ask for Website Link
Alabama 334-240-7253 PIN person Alabama premises ID website
Alaska 907-375-8215 PIN person
Arizona 602-542-4293 PIN person Arizona premises ID website
Arkansas 501-907-2400 PIN person Arkansas premises ID website
California 866-325-5681 Assistant government program analyst California premises ID website
Colorado 303-869-9130 PIN person Colorado premises ID website
Connecticut 860-713-2560 CT NAIS Program Coordinator Connecticut premises ID website
Delaware 302-698-4500 Inspector/Supervisor Delaware premises ID website
Florida 850-410-0090 PIN registration Florida premises ID website
Georgia 404-656-3665 Office Associate Georgia premises ID website
Hawaii 808-483-7100 PIN person Hawaii premises ID website
Idaho 208-332-8540 Traceability Coordinator Idaho premises ID website
Illinois 217-782-4944 Traceability Coordinator Illinois premises ID website
Indiana 317-544-2400 PIN person Indiana premises ID website
Iowa 1-888-778-7675 Program Planner Iowa premises ID website
Kansas 785-564-6601 PIN person Kansas premises ID website
Kentucky 502-782-5905 ADT Program Coordinator
Louisiana 225-925-3980 Assistant State Veterinarian Louisiana premises ID website
Maryland 410-841-5810 Inspector/Supervisor Maryland premises ID website
Massachusetts 617-626-1797 Animal Disease Traceability Coordinator
Maine 207-287-7615 Office Associate
Michigan 517-284-5771 Licensing Personnel Michigan premises ID website
Minnesota 651-296-2942 PIN person Minnesota premises ID website
Mississippi 601-359-1170 Animal ID Coordinator
Missouri 573-751-3377 Licensing Personnel
Montana 406-444-1587 Program Specialist Montana premises ID website
Nebraska 402-471-2351 PIN person Nebraska premises ID website
Nevada 775-738-8076 PIN person Nevada premises ID website
New Hampshire 603-271-2404 Online/PIN department
New Jersey 609-671-6400 PIN person
New Mexico 505-841-6161 PIN person
New York 518-457-3502 Office Assistant
North Carolina 919-707-3250 PIN person North Carolina premises ID website
North Dakota 701-250-4210 Animal Identification Coordinator North Dakotal premises ID website
Ohio 614-728-6220 PIN person Ohio premises ID website
Oklahoma 405-522-6124 PIN person
Oregon 503-986-4681 Livestock Identification Oregon premises ID website
Pennsylvania 717-787-4250 PIN person Pennsylvania premises ID website
Rhode Island 401-222-2781 PIN registration
South Carolina 803-726-7812 PIN person South Carolina premises ID website
South Dakota 605-773-3321 PIN person South Dakota premises ID website
Tennessee 615-837-5120 PIN person Tennessee premises ID website
Texas 1-800-550-8242 ext. 773 Permits person Texas premises ID website
Utah 801-538-7029 PIN person Utah premises ID website
Vermont 802-828-2421 Administrative Service Coordinator Vermont premises ID website
Virginia 804-692-0600 PIN person Virginia premises ID website
Washington 360-725-5493 PIN person Washington premises ID website
West Virginia 304-558-2214 PIN person West Virginia premises ID website
Wisconsin 888-808-1910 Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium Wisconsin premises ID website
Wyoming 307-777-7515 PIN person Wyoming premises ID website
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico premises ID website