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Prevent, Detect and Respond with a Biosecurity Plan

The plan builder contains a series of modules that address biosecurity practices for anyone raising farm animals.

  • Each module contains instructions and downloadable documents for adding your own information.
  • The modules also have assessment checklists, to help you look at current practices and potential gaps that could lead to the introduction of diseases.

The plan builder is not a test! It is a guide for assessment, planning and making practical improvements that will help you prevent, detect and respond to livestock diseases.

Getting Started

Create an account to access the plan content. An account also has the option to store completed documents.

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  3. Log in and select the first module, Navigating the Plan Builder.

Plan Builder Modules

  • Navigating the Plan Builder

  • Farm Information & Scope

  • People on the Farm

  • Sanitation

  • Traffic Control

  • Livestock Management

  • Securing the Farm

  • Insect Vector & Wildlife Control

  • Record Keeping

  • Crisis Communication


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