Farmers & Ranchers

The biosecurity training section for farmers and ranchers includes videos demonstrating how to set up a line of separation, procedures for managing farm visitors, transportation of livestock and more.

How to Start and Stop the Videos

Controls for starting and stopping videos and the volume are located in the grey bar at the bottom of each video. To start and stop a video, click on the right-facing arrow. The image on the right has a red circle around the start and stop control.

Video controls for training videos

Biosecurity: Farm and Barn Access

Farm & Barn Access for Visitors

Transporting Livestock

Danish Entry System

Alternative Pork Production: Keeping disease off the farm

Alternative Pork Production: How diseases can be transferred to farms

Poultry: Keep Your Birds Healthy

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

Biosecurity for Horses

Sheep & Goat Health

More Biosecurity Training Resources

A piglet sitting in front of other piglets in a barn.
Stockmanship & Safety Training

Resources for farm safety and livestock handling

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Two brown cows, one with a white face, standing next to each other.
Animal Husbandry and Nutrition

For swine, cattle, poultry, horses, sheep and goats

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A large flock of sheep huddled together on a frosty morning.
Animal Transmitted Diseases (Zoonotic)

Diseases of animals that can be transmitted to people

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