Youth, 4-H & FFA

Biosecurity Learning Modules

The biosecurity learning modules series is appropriate for use by grade school to high school teachers, 4-H, FFA and other agricultural instructors.

Students are encouraged to learn on their own too. The modules are easy to follow, and include many activities that help with remembering the information.

Six modules comprise the series:

  1. What is Animal Biosecurity
  2. Routes of Infection, Means of Transmission
  3. Sources of Disease Transmission Risk
  4. Biosecurity Strategies
  5. Public Speaking for Biosecurity Advocates 1
  6. Public Speaking for Biosecurity Advocates II

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Grime Scene Biosecurity Tabletop Exercise

Grime Scene is a problem-based learning biosecurity tabletop exercise for students of all ages.

Three fictional farms with different management approaches are presented to small, facilitated groups (three to eight people) sitting around a table.

The groups are asked to discuss a series of events that occurred on the farms resulting in livestock becoming sick.

This exercise was created to emphasize the importance of basic biosecurity principles and protocols. The link to learn more will take you to the EDEN website.

Grime Scene Exercise

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Six Tricks of Biosecurity

The Basics of Infection Control