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The Healthy Farms Healthy Agriculture website is supported by the Animal Disease Biosecurity Coordinated Agricultural Project (ADBCAP). Collaborators in this project are located across the United States, and bring together experience in animal health and production, agricultural economics, game theory, risk communication, education, and building communities of practice.

They are using social science, studying how people make decisions, and integrating economics with animal health perspectives for the prevention, recognition, control and recovery from any new, emerging or foreign animal disease or pest.

The goal is to assist with the creation and adoption of practices and policies to reduce the impact of pests and diseases in livestock animals, including:

      • dairy and beef cows
      • horses
      • pigs
      • sheep
      • goats
      • camelids (llamas and alpacas)
      • poultry

Please visit the ADBCAP website for more project information - https://agbiosecurityproject.org/

Finding sources of disease transmission risk

Screenshot from youth & 4-H biosecurity training module developed by ADBCAP collaborators.

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